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Zacobria & Universal Robots in the news Zacobria & Universal Robots in the news Zacobria & Universal Robots in the news Zacobria & Universal Robots in the news
Zacobria & Robotiq offer unique, flexible, multi-purpose robot grippers.
These grippers can be applied for robot automation applications in almost any line of industry, and by anybody.

A thorough risk assessment must however always be made.

Robotiq data:


Robotiq AdAptive Gripper
2-Finger model:
Ideal for pick, place andd assemble your parts with a single gripper.
High payload, long stroke, Parallel, encompassing Control of fingers’ position, compact, light weight and internal grip. Speed and force function. Grip detection.

3-Finger model:
Robotiq adaptive gripper 3-finger model give to your Robot hand-like capabilities through a rugged and agile gripper.
Handles a wide variety of part Easy control of fingers’ position, Designed for industrial geometries and sizes. Speed and force function. Grip detection environments.

The robot is designed, developed, and manufactured by Robotiq in Canada, on the basis of a creative and innovative idea with high emphasis on quality.

Robotiq is a high quality industrial grippers that is fast to implement.

Robotiq How to

How to use adaptive robot gripper on Universal-Robots.

Zacobria Universal-Robots Webshop
Zacobria Robotiq Webshop

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comprehensive hints and tips manual for Universal-Robot in pdf
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Robotiq local service centre in Singapore.
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Robot jigs & tool kits.
Excellent for mock-up and helpful during programming and testing phase.

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A motivation for using robots for production purposes has traditionally been the desire to increase and improve productivity by reducing operation expenditure. And furthermore, with the increasing demand for ever smaller items and ever higher accuracy, companies can now benefit from introducing robots also to achieve a high level of production consistency. Companies that robotise tasks will set the standards.

By Zacobria Lars Skovsgaard
Authorised Robotiq and Universal-Robots Distributor.

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